AMEN: The Black Sun

"Rahu ate the sun"... It's symbolism is still everywhere, in plain sight.

Amen = the Black Sun. Aka Rahu, Apep, Apophis, Dark Star, Dogstar, Blackstar, Dark Sun, the hidden one or many other names.
Responsible for all eclipses, phases and aurora borealis.

A powerful physical and spiritual entity?
Swastika has one real meaning. It is the Black Sun. It goes 2 directions, symbolized by right and left.
NAZIS used it because they knew the power of it. But it is NOT a NAZI sign. It does not mean NAZI. Regardless of association or what one may be "led" to beLIEve. It means the Black Sun. Most people don't even know it exists despite all the symbolism surrounding them. They would prefer you think it's some Nazi shit than realize what the Black Sun is.... AMEN...

Symbolism speaks more than words. Indicating one of many entrances to the underworld.


Most Americans are unaware that both solar/lunar eclipses are covered by the Black Sun, not the sun/moon. They never eclipse each other.
Indians/Hindus, Egyptians and many others know. The secret societies are well aware.

Very deep significance in ancient Egyptian and occult practices, this is hidden from the masses, albeit in plain sight. Far more important than a simple celestial body.

To learn some truth about eclipses, you can start in Vedic cosmology it is called Rahu. "Rahu ate the sun". Follow that rabbit down the hole.

Don't ask NASA though, they will tell you it doesn't exist...
Ask why there are over 50 documented eclipses with both the sun and moon on Earth's horizon...??? I personally witnessed one myself. Proving the earth’s shadow is not affecting phases or eclipses.
Whoops. Earth is innocent... AMEN. :)
Most of us saw this in one way or another.
Nobody saw or photographed the moon that day. And the "object" that caused this eclipse was moving the opposite direction of the moon...

"Rahu ate the sun".
The moon is innocent...

Video playlist with scores of clips on various Black Sun related topics that support this research.

With respect to Egyptian cosmology where Apep/Apophis is said to swallow RA.

NASA and others claim Apophis is an asteroid occasionally threatening earth, that has nothing to do with eclipses.

Many others lump Apep/Apophis in as other names for Rahu/Ketu or Black Sun/Amen, Dark Star, Dogstar, Hidden One etc.

"Apep (Aapep, Apepi or Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra as he travelled though the underworld (or sky) at night. Originally Set and Mehen (the serpent headed man) were given the job of defending Ra and his solar barge. They would cut a hole in the belly of the snake to allow Ra to escape his clutches. If they failed, the world would be plunged into darkness." link

“This dark celestial body has also been called and depicted as "the Black Sun”:”

The terrible serpent Apophis had many names, and in order to destroy him, one had to curse him with every name he was known, which included the following: [18]
    •    Am
    •    Aman
    •    Amen
    •    Beteshu
    •    Hau-hra
    •    Hemhemti
    •    Hem-taiu
    •    Iubani
    •    Karau-anememti
    •    Kenememti
    •    Khak-ru
    •    Khermuti
    •    Khesef-hra
    •    Nai
    •    Nesht
    •    Qerneru
    •    Qettu
    •    Saatet-ta
    •    Sau
    •    Sebv-ent-seba
    •    Sekhem-hra
    •    Serem-taui
    •    Sheta
    •    Tetu
    •    Turrupa
    •    Uai
    •    Unti

“Apep swallowed the barque of the sun” the same as “Rahu ate the sun”…

So Apophis is either an asteroid that’s maybe going to destroy the earth, or another name for the Black Sun. I'll run with the latter.

This explanation and related footage is exceptional

How many musicians have songs about these various names?

Dark Star. David Bowie. He is hinting to us here with symbolism, right before his death, right before the big eclipse.

Here is an interesting breakdown of the Lazarus symbolism

Black hole sun. Soundgarden

Mr Matrix Keanu named his band Dog Star.

"Black Sun" Death Cab for Cutie.

Jason Aldean, who was performing during the Vegas Massacre has a tattoo with the Black Sun symbolism. Interesting enough it matched quite well to the Illuminati cardgame about Vegas...

Chris Cornell featured this image on Higher Truth and Blackhole Sun. Along with a mountain that could symbolize Mt Meru and a nuclear bomb.

Chris also died right before this eclipse. Along with Chester Bennington/Podesta

Interesting message here? I promise it's not goodbye -

And here. Before we disappear.

Sort of hints that they "escaped"...
There's a crazy theory that claims during such an alignment/eclipse a portal is opened where one can leave. How many people "died" in the months before this eclipse? Some very powerful and influential folks. Did they fake their death in advance to buy time so as not to appear startling that after this event so many people disappeared? Or is this portal only spiritual? Did they die naturally, or provoke their own death knowing their spirit could escape the Marix during this time?
That's all bat shit crazy right? Once you get to a certain level of enlightenment, it starts to be an actual consideration... I can't say it's valid at this point, but wildly interesting.

Is this relevant to the conversation?

Invisible Sun

I don't want to spend the rest of my life
Looking at the barrel of an Armalite
I don't want to spend the rest of my days
Keeping out of trouble like the soldiers say
I don't want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don't ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day's done

It's dark all day, and it glows all night
Factory smoke and acetylene light
I face the day with me head caved in
Looking like something that the cat brought in

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day's done

And they're only going to change this place by
Killing everybody in the human race
And they would kill me for a cigarette
But I don't even wanna die just yet

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
It gives us hope when the whole day's done

The Black Sun is called the “hidden one” because it is not luminous and rarely visible in the sky except in phases and eclipses. [invisible]
Yet the truth about this is hidden (in plain sight) from the minions. These musicians obviously know something, they are telling us, quietly.

"There’s a little black spot on the sun today…
It’s the same old thing as yesterday…"

Is this the Black Sun in the path at a staggered distance?

And this masterpiece of groove???

Seems like they all know about the Black Sun, and yet nobody taught you about that in school or on TV, did they? Seems kind of important...


We have covered the functional characteristics of its role in eclipses and such, now consider the spiritual/energetic/symbolic connections.
AMEN is the Black Sun / the Black Sun is AMEN. When you conclude your prayer with AMEN you acknowledge the Black Sun/God.

NOPE It does NOT mean "so be it" in Hebrew. It means AMEN, always has. You just got hoodwinked. Like when they told you the 666 sign meant "A ok", or "White Power"...

The black sun produces energy. It is power. It is not a mythological creature. It's important. It's truth being hidden from us.

RA is the sun. You see/feel the sun's energy and power. You know it to be real.
The moon and planets create/emit energy as well, at specific frequencies. These effect us as they come and go closer and further.

We don't see the black sun's power/energy. [Maybe that's why it's called "The Hidden One"...?]
We were told it doesn't exist. We question whether it's real?
And yet we tap into it's power unwittingly when you pray to AMEN... Think about that.

***[Later, Amen-Ra was combined in the historical record to be one, but that is a deception of sorts to cover the hidden one's "absence" from public knowledge.] In other words, a thin veil...

Earliest versions of the New Testament (Codex Sinaiticus) does not include Amen, it was added around 400 AD as a result of the Nicean Council influence. After Constantine made Christianity the only legal religion pagans continued to worship their gods covertly under the guise of Christianity, that is why today’s Christianity is more pagan than Christian. This is just the tip of that iceberg.

New Testament was written in Greek anyway, not Hebrew, even if Amen did mean “so be it” in Hebrew, it would be irrelevant in context.

Awmane in Hebrew, means “so be it.” Awmane and “Amen” are phonetically two separate words.

Hebrew – Awmane: sure; abstract, faithfulness; adverb, truly:–so be it, truth.

Greek – αμην – of Hebrew origin (543); properly, firm, i.e. (figuratively) trustworthy; adverbially, surely (often as interjection, so be it):–amen, verily.

Amen – English – from Egyptian, reference to a false god!

Amein is Hebrew for “so be it”.
What difference does one letter make to a word?
Well, you understand the difference between “Pens” and “Penis” right?
There are subtle similarities yet a world of difference.
Funny what a simple “i” can do to a meaning?

If you were in a bank, and needed to fill out forms to deposit a check and called out, “do you have any penis I can borrow”?
Compared to “do you have any pens I can borrow”?
You can imagine you might see quite a different reaction from the people, eh?

So calling out “Amen” after your prayer to whatever god you thought you were praying to, might change things in the cause/effect relationship of reality of your “intentions”?

Or not…

This is all just crazy speculation…? Or…

Just another thought, if the creator "is a jealous God"? Would calling out to AMEN after praying to him/her be liken to calling out another lover's name while making super-happy-love-time with your spouse/mate???
Or is AMEN the Father of Gods as some claim?

For more on religious significance and deception.

Cymatics is very important in this reality... So is spiritual law.... and etymology.... consent and binding agreements.... Why do you think most every "religion" wants to get you into a soul contract with their special deity, or version thereof?
Why did they deceive everyone to exclaim "AMEN" at the end of their prayers? Or chant AMEN?

Sound is everything in this reality. "Energy, frequency and vibration".

Think about that twice... maybe three times, until the light comes on... or not.

You can ask Siri any question you desire, or directions to the closest Starbucks and she will magically hear you and grant your request. She answers to her name when she is being summoned. She activates. She knows. She answers your "prayer"... She "saves" you, from the darkness of your ignorance...

That is a simple example of how calling upon "entities" works in terms that are consistent and verifiable.
When you call out the name AMEN, what happens?

There are "rules" that govern this simulation we call reality. Regardless of what we believe. A law of cause and effect exists.

Much of this will not make any sense unless you are aware of certain things that were not a part of our indoctrination. Regardless, consider everything, but do not beLIEve anything. In time you will find this as a piece to life's puzzle.

One thing that is crucial to understand this is the knowledge that there are no particles, only waves. There is no physical matter. Tesla hinted to that in his statement that to understand the universe one must think in terms of "energy, frequency and vibration".

Planets" are not terra firma, but cymatic frequencies. Sonoluminescence. You can't land a spaceship on that Buck Rogers...
Earth is motionless. There's more on that in the research section on Earth.


Now the one mystery that still alludes me is where exactly is the Black Sun?

Vedics cosmology claims it is a series of disks orbiting the sky.

Or nodes?

Others claim it is within a hole in the earth at the true North Pole.
"As above, so below"?

And it is said that the Black Sun causes the Aurora Borealis as light is emitted from the North Pole.

The Concave Earth folks claim it is a massive star encrusted sphere that sits inside the shell of earth. And spins around above us and somehow reflects off the firmament to appear to bend the other direction?
From my perspective it looks more like whatever spins them stars above us, is an outer shell beyond the firmament and earth is inside it. Not a ball above. Hard to explain this really. But this does not resonate with what I observe... at this point, although I consider everything...


Here is another wildly interesting theory.
This explanation and related footage is exceptional

There are at least 3 solid theories on where the Black Sun is...
What is the reality?

There are strong points and evidence on either side. I won't go into all that now. But that is the next logical step. If you want to learn more check out this playlist with the 50+ related documentaries.

Looking for more clues, evidence, information... please share if you have something to add to the discussion.


It's hard to find good info on The Black Sun.
Here's a list of supplemental links considered in this research

The Black Rahu Solar Eclipse

It's funny but I can feel the energy coming from just this photograph of the 
black sun eclipse.
Look at that, tell me if you feel it? Compare to how you feel looking at different
images of other things?
Notice how if you look at a person in a photo, you can feel the energy that they are 
emitting at that moment. Whether it was  love, hate, faith, fear, anger, happiness, horny-ness, ego-mania, despair or whatever... 
Interesting how that energy can be captured and transmitted through a photograph.
Having photographed thousands of people over the decades it's one remarkable thing that still perplexes me.

They don't want people to know their symbolism, so they invent other meanings.
Information vs. disinformation... Only one truth. It's your responsibility to discern.

Once the minions realize the lies, "Symbolism will be their downfall"... The interweb never forgets.


The Black Sun Crow777 I wish I had started understanding all of this sooner. I may have had more answers rather than all of these questions I have now. Wish I had someone to actually speak with concerning my theories and speculation to see if they hold water.

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